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Education & Training (804)

Corporate training, materials, presentation, business partnerships, psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, economics and counseling.

Fashion & Jewelry (102)

Imitation jewelry sets, costume jewelry, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, designer clothes and fashion jewellery.

Computer, IT & Telecom (372)

Computer system, 5G network, software programming, tele-communication, electronics and wireless technologies.

Game Rewards & Gifts (11)

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Industrial Plants & Machinery (402)

Industrial machinery parts, printing machinery, equipment, card printer, digital printers, flex printing machine, milling, grinding tools manufacturers, suppliers and exporters.

Furniture & Interiors (135)

Manufacturers, exporters, traders, suppliers, home, office furniture, fittings, interior designing, home decorative, door, furniture hardware and accessories.

Sports, Toys & Games (85)

Baseball, football, basketball, tennis, cricket, water pools. blasters, toy guns. ice skates, play tents, toy sports and gaming.

Buy, Sell, Lease & Rent (33)

Buy, sell items, lease commercial office space, sell residential house, lease corporate offices, buyers, sellers, brokers and consultants.

Shopping & Daily Needs (172)

Online shopping, cloths, electronics, fashion, foods, mobile, television, air conditioners, refrigerator manufacturer and dealers.

Chemicals & Textile (26)

Dyeing, fabric, printing, pre-treatment, process, textile industry, raw material items, retailers and manufacturers.

Marble, Granite & Stones (10)

Designer tiles, quartz, marble, granite, sandstone, limestone, natural stone tiles manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, traders and exporters.

Finance, Law & Legal (284)

Financial risk management consultants, laws, loan, legal drafting services, investment, leasing agencies, financial auditing service and advisory.

Lifestyle & Entertainment (141)

Lifestyle, music, newspapers, books, magazines, films, television, radio shows, hollywood, bollywood movies and tv shows.

Travel, Tourism & Hotels (374)

Tourism, hospitality industry, hotel booking, business travel, agency and travel world.

Real Estate & Construction (498)

Commercial office space, plots, lands, residential house, lease corporate offices, commercial shops, agents and property consultants.

Loan & Insurance (17)

Home loans, business loans, personal loans, credit card loans, car loan, term plans, group plans and life insurance.

Appliances & Utensils (68)

Kitchen utensils, cookware tools, bakeware, cutlery, earthenware, stoneware and home appliances.

Events & Conferences (94)

Organizing conferences, seminars, workshops, business events, startups, entrepreneur and event management company.

Jobs, Staffing & Consulting (83)

Government, private jobs, freelancers, contractors, consulting agency, self-employment, part time and full time jobs.

Apparel & Garments (124)

Clothing accessories, worn, fashion, decoration. fabric and textile materials.

News & Online Services (188)

News, social media, general online product advertisement, business marketing, b2b, b2c service providers, corporate listings and e-services.

Cosmetics & Personal Care (49)

Skin moisturizers, perfumes, lipsticks, fingernail polishes, eye and facial makeup, shampoos, permanent waves, hair colors and deodorants.

Food & Beverages (91)

Food processing, preparing, presenting and serving of food and beverages like plants, seeds, dairy products, desserts, soft drinks, tea and coffee.

Architecture & Interiors (72)

Furniture, building, accessories, technology, personalities events, architectural heritage, art and science of designing.

Technology & Research (573)

Science, robotics, artificial intelligence, innovation, computers, 5g telecommunication, scientific ideas, research and development.

Books & Stationery (50)

Shops, stationery items, books, manufacturers, online store and office consumable suppliers.

Advertising & Marketing (971)

Identify customer needs, marketing strategies, data, research, promote company, products and services.

Health, Gym & Fitness (751)

Gym, health, exercise, personal trainer, cardio, strength training equipment, beauty parlors, salons, spas, yoga and fitness.

Electronics & Electrical (198)

Mobiles, appliances, circuit boards, transistors, integrated chips, distribution of electrical power, turbine, hydro, gas, fuel cell, solar and wind.

Transportation & Logistics (114)

Inward, outward transportation of goods, items, materials, components, suppliers, logistics and warehouse management.

Engineering & Automobile (104)

Power, process plants, transportation vehicles, lab equipment, mechanics, hydraulic, plastic, iron industry, heavy engineering and industrial machinery.

Cabs & Car Rental (52)

Renting cars, booking cabs, daily traveling, self drive rental, enterprise car rental and booking at affordable rates.

Agriculture & Farming (74)

Crops, plants, foods, fuels, fibers, animal products and raw materials.