Understanding Your Cats’ Five Senses by Lynda Daniele

You can easily get attached to the charisma cats have. You can find this charisma in Lynda Hamblen’s book, William and Tibby Forever. It is a story that follows the story of two cats, William and Tibby, who was nurtured by their owner. This narrative deals with loss and discovery, telling a cat’s view of life on earth and in heaven. Do you have cats at home? If yes, then it should be a priority to understand the way they interact with the environment. This is for you to know how to deal with them most appropriately. It would help if you explored how your cats sense so you will understand their behavior more. Learning these five senses will help you define your cat in a way or two; each of the senses is significant to how they perceive the world. This process will also determine whether your place is safe for your cat or not. It will help you in knowing what you can do or give to them.

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