The “Encapsulated Cell Therapies and Encapsulation Technologies Market” report

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Key Inclusions
 A detailed assessment of the current market landscape of encapsulated cell therapies and affiliated technologies, highlighting various target disease indications, phase of development, encapsulation method, type of cells / API, and route of administration, along with information on various stakeholder companies that are developing novel encapsulation methods / techniques for use in storage and transportation of cells, as well as other applications.
 Comprehensive profiles of industry players that are currently engaged in the preclinical / clinical development of their proprietary encapsulated cell therapies, featuring an overview of the company, its financial information (if available), and a detailed description of its product(s), highlighting mechanism of action, current development status, and key preclinical / clinical trial results. Each profile also includes a list of recent developments, highlighting the key milestones achieved, partnership activity, and the likely strategies that may be adopted by these players to fuel growth in the in the foreseen future.
 An in-depth analysis of the patents that have been published related to cell encapsulation technologies, since 2013. The analysis also highlights the key trends associated with these patents, across patent type, regional applicability, CPC classification, emerging focus areas, leading industry players (in terms of number of patents filed / granted), and current intellectual property-related benchmarks and valuation.
 A comprehensive clinical trial analysis of completed, ongoing and planned studies of various encapsulated cell therapies. The analysis highlights the key trends associated with these clinical studies across various parameters, such as trial start year, trial status, phase of development, lead

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