Study MBBS at Dagestan State Medical University in Russia

Dagestan State Medical University (DSMU) stands as a modern, innovative institution with a rich history, continually advancing in the realm of medical education. Since its establishment, DSMU has emerged as a leader in higher medical education in Russia, nurturing a brilliant array of doctors, scientists, and healthcare organizers. This esteemed university is a hub of scientific thought, home to renowned scientific schools, and a pioneer in current scientific research and innovative projects.
As one of the oldest medical universities in Russia, DSMU is recognized nationwide for its leadership in developing and implementing new educational technologies. The university is home to leading scientific schools and ongoing, impactful research. With over six thousand undergraduates, residents, and postgraduates, and more than a thousand alumni annually, DSMU boasts five faculties and seventy-seven departments, providing high-quality educational services across all modern medical fields. The institution is ranked among the top hundred universities in Russia.