Kunming Medical University was established in the year 1933 as a government institute in the city of Kunming, China. The campus covers an area of 125.4 hectares. Kunming Medical University in China was initiated with the purpose of educating students in the field of medicine.

In the year 1993, University of Kunming was listed among the higher institutes of Yunnan province. Later in the year 2012, the college was renamed as Kunming Medical University , after the evaluation of “The Ministry of Education of China”.

Kunming Medical University also has 5 research institutes, 9 affiliated hospitals, 9 teaching hospitals, 39 practice hospitals, 9 forensic medicine sites and 2 optical practice sites.

The University of Kunming library has a collection of 100,000 books and shares a network of National literature. Its affiliated hospitals have over 9,800 beds which admit over 3000 patients every day.

Kunming Medical University China has conducted 800 scientific researches, since its inception and is awarded for the same at national and provincial level.