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When a business becomes a SAP Silver partners, it has demonstrated significant experience and competence in providing SAP solutions. With this accreditation, the organisation stands out as a dependable and knowledgeable partner for companies looking to manage, optimise, and deploy SAP systems. SAP Silver Partner can offer their clients professional advice and assistance because they thoroughly understand SAP products and solutions. They have a track record of SAP implementation partners and the know-how to manage and maintain SAP infrastructures efficiently.

sap silver partners
Benefits of working with SAP Silver Partners:
Certified Expertise: SAP Silver Partners employs certified consultants with rigorous training and in-depth knowledge of SAP solutions.
Proven Experience: SAP Silver Partner employs certified consultants with extensive training and an in-depth understanding of SAP solutions.
Diverse Service Offerings: SAP Silver Partner employs certified consultants with extensive SAP solution knowledge and thorough instruction.
Global Presence: SAP Silver Partner worldwide offer localised knowledge and assistance.
Working with a SAP Silver Partner will guarantee professional advice, specialised solutions, and continuous support to get the most out of your SAP investment if you’re considering establishing or improving your SAP systems.

How do I become a SAP Silver Partner?

SAP Silver partners are SAP Partner Edge programme participants who have demonstrated high competence with SAP software and solutions. Their resources and expertise enable them to assist clients with setting up, administering, and maintaining SAP solutions.

Companies that want to become SAP Silver partner need to fulfil the following criteria:
Possess minimum of one SAP consultant certification
Reach a specific revenue target with SAP solutions.
Fulfil SAP’s requirements for customer service quality
You can create an account on the SAP Partner Edge website to get started. You can apply to bec