Pictorial Church Directory New York

We are pleased to introduce, Pure Pixel Photography Studio, a division of St. Albans Digital Printing Inc. We capture the smiling faces of all ages. We produce directories of church members and families. This is a treasured keepsake, a useful resource, and a powerful tool for attracting new members. When you become part of our Church Directory Program, Pure Pixel provides complimentary printed directories for your church, we also give all members who purchase a product a directory as well. Let us help you all connect; with beautiful, studio-quality portraits that families love. Showcase what makes your congregation special… You’re Families…

Individuals and groups can be professionally photographed at the church location conveniently where you can instantly view your portraits to make your selection and choose whatever photographs that best suit your needs. Our Consultant is available to guide you through all the possibilities. Take advantage of this great offer to exhibit your portraits and keepsakes.

Pure Pixel also provides:

Commercial Printing
Video Production Services
Commemorative Books
Single Portraits
Photo Restoration
Event Photography
Tithing Envelopes
Outreach Materials
We are looking forward to working with you on your next directory. Please Visit the website www.3pstudio.us for more details or Call us at 718-528-5100.