Hindu organization Mahima Dharma, generally alluded to as Mahima Panth, is to a great extent rehearsed in Odisha and adjoining districts. The strict development was established on the love of God, otherwise called Alekha, who was reprimanded alongside all strict practices ordinarily forced by the affluent and privileged society.

During the Bhakti period in India, Alakh was utilized by sants and bhakts, including the masters Nanak and Kabir, who might discuss Alakh Niranjan. In every one of the many types of love, shouting the name of God was given need. A similar serenade was likewise utilized by Nathpanthis. Imperceptibility is alluded to as Alakh, while flawlessness is alluded to as Niranjan. Kumbhipatia is one more name for Mahima Dharma, and Khumbupati is the name of its followers. Alekhanamis, Alekhgirs, and Alekheyas are different names for lovers.

Mahima Dharma, otherwise called Satya Mahima Alekha Dharma or Satya Sanatan Mahima Dharma, is a Sanskrit expression that alludes to the genuine method of unbelievable effortlessness. The Advaita Vedanta lessons found in the Vedic Upanishads affect the way this love style thinks. The development was made to engage, bring together, and move the hindered Hindu standings who were banished from partaking in any sort of dedication by the uninformed holy class. The Mahima Dharma was laid out by Mahima Master or Mahima Gosain.