FindNerd- Free Project Management Tools

FindNerd Project Management Tool is an online project management and collaboration tool which is considered as one of the best free project management tools that come with integrated features like Group Chats, Track Time, Capture Screenshots, Collaborate with Team and across Company, Analyze Productivity, Availability, ROI and much more. It has an array of features that simplifies the way you manage your projects and run your teams.

Following are the features that make our tool apart from other services:

1. Bugs and Issue Tracking Feature makes it easier to report a bug/issue and assign it to a team member with a certain priority level.
2. Minute by minute resource tracking through session tracking tools allow you to manage resources and analyse the work progress and their performance.
3. Desktop recorders allow you to capture screens at any moment which allow you to describe project workflow, challenges, issues associated with a project very clearly to managers and clients.

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