Earn while you learn in the UK – Exciting!

Many students from India dream of studying overseas, especially in countries like UK. But most of them don’t try to realize their dream thinking that they may not be able to bear the expenses of studying abroad. Whereas, there is a solution to it. IDI Overseas Educational Consultancy guides you to avail the opportunity to study in UK and still support your expenses and tuition fee.
Earn while you learn in the UK, is a good concept that helps students to support their expenses. The UK offers 20hrs of earning opportunity during the academic period and 40hrs of earning during holidays. This way many students are able to cover their expenses without depending on their parents. The benefits of such program in UK are –
Earn a good amount of money by working 20hrs. of job while studying and 40hrs during off season.
Gain international work experience while you study in UK.
It provides an opportunity to get highest education abroad in degree or master program.
Less burden on family from India.
Possibility to settle in life easily while pursuing higher education in UK.
IDI Overseas Consultancy is a recognized educational consultant in Hyderabad that offers career guidance to study abroad to the students from and across India. We provide complete guidance on how to get through the admission process and avail work opportunity, as well as, fee and other details.

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