Day Lewis partners with ‘Locate a Locum’ for enhanced pharmacy staffing in 267 Locations

Day Lewis Pharmacy has enlisted Locate a Locum, a Belfast-based healthcare technology innovator, to deploy and manage a digital solution aimed at enhancing
locum staffing and management across its 267-pharmacy network.

“We sought a faster, user-friendly system for instant locum bookings, particularly for last-minute shifts,” said Sam Patel, Executive Director at Day Lewis
Pharmacy. “This tool improves communication between potential locums and our coordinators, creating more opportunities to attract talent from across the country.
Our customers are our priority, and ensuring they have access to staff and advice when needed is our main focus.”

Locate a Locum will implement a cloud-based digital solution across the Day Lewis Pharmacy estate, allowing locums to securely search, manage, request, and receive
payment for shifts, Day Lewis said in a statement. This platform enables locum staff to manage their work diaries, location preferences, and commitments, promoting
balanced work-life planning.

“The Locate a Locum platform allows for swift, complete payments to our locums and offers them instant booking, eliminating the need for shift confirmation wait
times,” Patel added. “In a dynamic market with rising demand for pharmacy services, this platform is a game-changer, driving growth and unlocking potential.”