Collaborative Co-Parenting: Preventing Conflicts Over Child Decisions with These 5 Tips

Summer is here, and with long days, vacations, and other seasonal activities best enjoyed in warm weather, it’s easy to see why many consider the summer months to be their favorite time of year. However, in my experience as a seasoned family law attorney, this time of year is often accompanied by something less enjoyable—conflict between my clients and their co-parents—and I understand why.
Any time co-parents have to make significant decisions regarding their child, conflict can occur, and this is especially true during the summer months. From summer camps to family vacations and school and extracurricular choices for the upcoming academic year, the potential for conflict looms large as both parents want their opinions to be heard.
However, decision-making for your child(ren) does not have to lead to conflict. Navigating these decisions can be made smoother with effective communication and cooperation from both co-parents.
Here are five (5) tips from a family law attorney to help you and your co-parent make important decisions with minimal conflict while keeping your child's best interests at heart—using common summertime decision-making as our examples. visit our website for more info…..