CAT coaching in India – Zero to Hero

Among CAT takers, quant preparation is the topic they research the most. This is most likely due to the fact that the topic of quantitative aptitude is one of the trickiest on any CAT exam. One of the things that makes it difficult is the extensive curriculum and the significance of each item. The other is the large amount of formulas to remember and the extensive set of calculations that must be finished quickly.

Tackling Quant can be made easier with keeping some tips in mind while preparing and solving sums.

Here are few things to keep in mind while preparing for Quant.

Start with the basics.
Practice A lot
Identify your strengths.
Avoid using calculators:
Test yourself

iQuanta has been the paramount institute for students all over India for their quant preparation over the past few years. Their live classes on facebook are a hit among students and their peer to peer learning concept has been helping students on a daily basis. iQuanta is also a one of a kind institute that provides 24X7 doubt solving feature so a student can ask their queries at any time of the day and they will definitely receive guidance within the next 15-20 minutes.