Rajesh Shrimali Ji Astrologer | Shrimali Ji | Shrimali Ji Astrologer Jodhpur | Astrologer Shrimali Ji | Shrimali Ji Jodhpur: As we all know Shrimali Ji is a well-known name in Astrology, Palmist, Gemologist, Kundali Vishlesan, Match Making, Vastu & numerology & is Best Astrologer in Jodhpur city as well in India amongst other Jyotish, also an experienced astrologer from Rajasthan, began Astrology in 2006. He is an expert on planet transit and its effects. His knowledge of Rudraksha and Shri Yantra is very high. Shrimali is also president of “Shrimali Brahmin Samaj”. He was awarded by ZEE TV award. Shrimali is also awarded by Samaj Ratna. His surname “Shrimali” is actually his caste. So most people knew him as Shrimali Ji Shrimali Astrologer.

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