AVAAL Transport Management System-AFM Features

Drivers Payroll, Expenses and Deductions
Drivers Payroll:

TMS systems can manage driver payroll for various pay periods such as weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
They can handle auto recurring or amortized deductions, escrow, and more.
Payroll can be calculated based on different methods such as pay per load, pay per mile, or pay per hour.
The system can automatically calculate distances from either current GPS position or planned/previous order.
Additions and deductions will automatically appear on the pay summary screen prior to processing your paystub.

A TMS system offers significant cost savings for both the enterprise and the end customer.
It reduces administrative costs as TMS software makes it easy to compare carrier rates to find the best option.
Expenses related to the TMS system itself can vary. Ready-made solutions require a fixed price for every unit connected to the system.

Deductions management is a critical process for any business that wants to maintain a healthy cash flow and profitability.
It involves handling the process of validating disputes, modifying invoices and account statements, and effectively communicating with customers.
In recent years, businesses have started to incorporate technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the deductions management process.
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